Publication of the IRFM's 2020-2023 activity report   

This report summarizes the activities of IRFM over the period 2020-2023.


The period concerned covers the two years that were significantly impacted by the COVID19 pandemic, which required adaptation and flexibility from all our staff to maintain the ambitious objectives of the institute and obtain the results presented herein.

Particular examples include the manufacture of elements for the ITER-grade divertor in 2020-2021, its qualification and installation at the end of 2021, the first plasma pulses in WEST with this new component in 2022, then the official inauguration of this new phase for WEST on June 6, 2023.

This report is not exhaustive, but aims to illustrate the activities of IRFM through a selection of key events during the period

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VB755440, 2024-05-24