Matteo Iafrati, collègue italien de l'ENEA, nouveau "Session Leader" pour le tokamak WEST   

Le très dynamique Matteo fait maintenant partie des "Session Leaders" de WEST pouvant ainsi diriger les expériences sur le tokamak. Il répond à quelques questions...

imgWho are you?
I'm Matteo, a researcher at ENEA-Frascati currently involved in the DTT design. I've previously worked as a Session Leader (SL) for FTU exploitation and participated in the JT60-SA commissioning. My academic background is in particle physics and particle accelerators, and I've been fascinated with tokamak technology since I started working with it.

Why did you want to become a WEST SL?
Since FTU closed in December 2019, we have been focused on DTT design. I wanted to preserve my SL skills from FTU and improve them, including with superconductive (SC) machines. The opportunity to be included in the WEST Groupe Pilotage is amazing, and I'm very grateful for it.

What did you do to become a WEST SL ?
Starting from last year, I've spent roughly three months in Cadarache  with the WEST team. I had the opportunity to attend conditioning activities before the start of the experimental campaign in the WEST Control Room, as well as plasma experiments since January 2023. During this time, I was trained in the use of SL tools by several experienced pilots and particularly by Philippe Moreau. I started following the Pilotes meetings on-site and remotely, and during the experimental campaign, I spent time observing experienced session leaders. While in my home laboratory, during the WEST operation, I'm used to follow the WEST logbook and look at experimental data.

How is being a WEST SL?
Of course, it is amazing; it is a dream come true. Feeling the suspense before the plasma discharge, waiting for the plasma H-alpha light, and investigating the data soon after the plasma discharge are all unique experiences that only tokamaks operation can provide. I'm thankful to WEST colleagues for this incredible opportunity.



DDT : Divertor Tokamak Test facility (

FTU : Frascati Tokamak Upgrade closed in 2019

JT60-SA : Japanese superconducting tokamak with first plasmas planned in 2023

sg165549, 2023-04-07