2020 Nuclear Fusion best publications Award   

An IRFM publication ranked among the 10 most significant publications of the journal Nuclear Fusion (price based on articles published in 2017).


The Nuclear Fusion Award celebrates papers of the highest scientific standard that make a significant contribution to their field. Nominations are based on citation record and recommendation by the Board of Editors. The winner, selected by secret ballot, is the one judged to have made the greatest scientific impact.

The paper "Surface heat loads on the ITER divertor vertical targets", describing the result of a collaboration between IRFM and ITER concerning a physics study of the heat loads expected on the tungsten monoblocks that comprise the ITER divertor, was nominated as one of the ten most significant papers of 2017. Le number of citations to the paper, and the opinion of the members of the editorial board of the IAEA journal, Nuclear Fusion, were the factors that governed the nomination to the "Top 10 shortlist" of the roughly  500 papers published in 2017. One of the authors of the paper said, "This collaboration lead to a re-thinking about the future operation of the ITER divertor, and to many scientific investigations in tokamaks around the world, aiming to confirm or disprove the predictions that were made in this paper." This nomination shows that the work being done in WEST, in tight collaboration with ITER, has an impact on the international level.

SG165549, 2020-12-21