2 full tungsten sectors ready for the next WEST experimental campaign   

The assembly of the two first full tungsten sectors is now completed.


Both equipped with their 38 Plasma Facing Units (PFU), the process took place in an especially designed workshop in IRFM, from July the 20th to August the 26th, being assembled together to gain in time and match with dead lines.

More technically, two Bragg fibers (protyped and designed by CEA-LIST) were embeded in the first sector. Positionned 5mm from the surface, the fibers will monitor the inner temperature of the PFU, up to 1200°C.

The second sector has geometrical particularities. Required by the physic programme of the next campain, those particularities stand in radial and vertical misalignments on some PFU and one dedicated groove on a monoblock (elementary component of one PFU) in order to study melting issues from one monoblock to another.

Along with their singularities, the completion of those two first sectors has the benefit to validate the overall assembly procedure for the next sectors to follow (assembling/water collector connection/metrology/welding).

The next phases consist in a leak test followed by a final metrology validation and their integration into the WEST tokamak.

CR160259, 2020-09-04