EUROfusion nominations   

X. Litaudon, E. Joffrin and E. Tsitrone were appointed as Project Leader, Task Force Leader or Deputy Task Force Leader during EUROfusion General Assembly on 6 - 7 July.

Following calls for nomination of Project Leaders and Lead Beneficiaries & Task Force Leader and Deputy Task Force Leaders and based on the new division of activities proposedin the EUROfusion Consortium Work Plan 2021 – 2025, the candidates selection of Project Leaders / Lead Beneficiaries, Task Force Leaders & Deputies for2021-2025 period (Grant Eurofusion "Horizon Europe") was approved by the General Assembly on 6 – 7 July. For CEA, 3 people will thus take on significant responsabilities within EUROfusion:

  • Fusion Science Department (head = Volker Naulin)
    • Emmanuel Joffrin : Task Force Leader for the Work Package “Tokamak Exploitation” (TE) for Mission 1 aspect (with Marco Wischmeier,IPP-Garching forMission 2 aspect)
    • Emmanuelle Tsitrone : Deputy Task Force Leaders (DTFL) for the Work Package “Tokamak Exploitation” (TE). There are 4 DTFL for this WP.
    • Xavier Litaudon : Project Leader of the Work Package (WP)  “Preparation of ITER operation” (PrIO), France will lead this WP.  


SG165549, 2020-07-10