The IRFM is recruiting a physicist   

A physicist position is open in the IRFM Integrated Modelling, Heating and Scenarios Group (GMICS), in charge of experiments and analysis of impurity control in metallic wall tokamak discharges. In the short term, the core of the activity will be to prepare, lead and analyze experiments aiming at optimizing the plasma composition in the WEST tokamak. In the longer term, strategies to optimize the impurity content of future devices will be addressed (ITER in particular).


The position focuses on the analysis of dedicated diagnostics (spectrometers et radiation measurements from visible to X-ray range, including UV). The physicist will analyse these measurements in an integrated way to determine the plasma composition. In particular, he/she will be responsible of the exploitation (and development if required) of data processing tools for UV spectroscopy and the associated synthetic diagnostic. He/she will investigate the behaviour of impurity sources (liaising with plasma-wall interaction and RF heating experts). He/she will investigate the underlying impurity transport mechanisms, in the light of WEST experiments analyses.

He/she will compare experimental observations to integrated modelling of impurity transport by using existing codes and synthetic diagnostics. From this experiment and modelling knowledge, he/she will propose scenarios for optimizing the plasma composition and reduce the radiated power. Ultimately, he/she will develop and implement real time control strategies for the impurity content.

Selection process

The recruitment is expected to be effective by September 2020.

Contact : (GMICS group leader)

SG165549, 2020-04-20