2020 Fusion Master Program student gathering. Cadarache winter event.   

From mid-February to mid-March, CEA-IRFM organised again the Cadarache Winter event for the Master Students of the European program FUSION EP and of the French FEDERATION SCIENCES PLASMAS FUSION.

Students in groups of 2 to 4 led mini projects in our labs and with our computer codes, supervized by IRFM physicists and engineers.

 On the back of the organizers’mind stands a three-fold idea :

  • Make them acquainted with large scale fusion facilities such as ITER and WEST;
  • Place them in a research environment similar to the one they will be facing during their Phd or their Master Thesis;
  • Help them build a network of young researchers who will become the next generation of fusion experts.

 Please click to watch the news on CEA-IRFM YouTube Channel :


CR160259, 2020-04-08