The IRFM is recruiting a RF Engineer for plasma heating system   

The IRFM is hiring a master/engineering/PhD degree in electromagnetism or Radio-Frequency. She/he be involved in the experimental campaigns on WEST, with the aim to optimize the coupled RF power to the plasma. A significant part of your work will be dedicated to RF modelling and data analysis.



The Plasma Heating Systems Group at IRFM (Institut de Recherche sur la Fusion par confinement Magnétique), design and operate multi-megawatt range heating systems for Tokamaks. The group is responsible for the operation and maintenance of RF systems in the frequency range between 50 MHz and 105 GHz, as well as dedicated test beds for R&D on ITER heating subsystems.

The institute puts a high priority on maintaining its competencies in the Ion Cyclotron (IC) range of frequencies (around 50 MHz), but also in Lower Hybrid (LH, at 3.7GHz) and Electron Cyclotron (EC, at 105 GHz) for the needs of the experimental program of WEST (« W » tungsten Environment in Steady-state Tokamak).

The ICRH system in WEST uses six tetrode-based amplifiers able to deliver 1.5 MW cw each. The system has three antennas able to couple 3 MW total power the plasma in cw.

The LH system has 16 klystrons at 600 kW cw each, and two antennas able to couple 3 and 4 MW to the plasma, respectively.

An ECRH system at 105 GHz is currently under study for enhancing WEST operation. It is based on three gyrotons of 800 KW cw each, feeding one antenna.

Within a multidisciplinary team, your HF modelling skills will allow you to:

  • Participate to the WEST experimental campaigns: RF modelling, operation of RF systems with the aim of optimizing the injected powers, results analysis…
  • Get involved in R&D activities for the development of heating antennas for ITER and other fusion devices.

Find the full description (in French) on CEA website, under the reference 2020-12962 and apply.

SG165549, 2020-04-07