Fusion Science and Technology Implementing Arrangement signed between US-DOE and CEA   

CEA and US-DOE (US Department of Energy) signed an Implementing Arrangement (IA) on Fusion Science and Technology in March 2020 under the frame of cooperation in Low Carbon Energy Technologies. The Implementing Arrangement is focusing on the exploitation of WEST particularly.


Under this IA, the US fusion laboratories (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, ORNL, MIT, Universities of Tennessee and Illinois) and IRFM have launched three fusion science projects, which include Tungsten Plasma Facing Components in long pulse operation of Tokamaks, Radio Frequency Plasma Heating, X-Ray diagnostics.

Scientists from these US laboratories will join the IRFM team for preparing and exploiting WEST in long pulse phase with actively cooled Tungsten divertor.

SG165549, 2020-04-02