The IRFM is recruiting a Physicist responsible for optimizing the vacuum conditions within the WEST tokamak Vacuum Vessel   

The IRFM is hiring a responsible officer for the conditionning of the WEST tokamak vacuum vessel. He/She will implement the vessel conditioning strategy and perform the analyses to obtain the required conditions for carrying out plasma experiments.


“Within the Fueling and Plasma Operation Group of the Tokamak exploitation and operation department, you are responsible for the conditioning activities of the WEST tokamak. In particular, you will perform analysis and decide when and how implement actions (glow discharges, boronization, baking, etc.) essential to ensure the necessary conditions for carrying plasma experiments (vacuum < 10-5Pa in a 50 m3 vacuum chamber, low residual pressure of elements with AMU>4, etc.).

You will also develop methods and tools to analyze and improve the conditioning of tokamaks in metallic environment. As such, you ensure day by day the monitoring of the vacuum conditions of the WEST tokamak (especially with residual gas analyzers) and suggest the actions to be implemented to ensure optimal conditions for plasma experiments. This work is carried out in close collaboration with the experimental program and other operational teams. You are the responsible officer of the tokamak conditioning systems (glow discharge and boronisation) and of the related diagnostics (residual gas analyzers). In connection with this activity, you conduct physics analyses to improve the understanding of the involved phenomena.

Finally as a member of the Fueling and Plasma Operation Group, you will have the opportunity to become a session leader of the WEST tokamak in charge of carrying out the plasma experiments within the framework of the experimental program.

Opportunities can also lead you to participate in national or international (ITER and/or other tokamaks) projects regarding the analysis and surface treatment.

 The candidate have to be a Doctor of physics with the following skills:
- general knowledge in physical measurements and process (physics of cold plasmas, or of plasma surface interaction appreciated)
- good experience and practice of general instrumentation
- Practice of an experimental activity
- Team spirit
- Autonomous in its research area
He must appreciate performing and experimental activity and working within a team. He must be able to deal with several activities in parallel.
Plasma engineering experience will be highly appreciated”

Find the full description (in French) on CEA website, under the reference 2020-12102 and apply.

SG165549, 2020-03-30