Master Fusion students at CEA Fusion Research Institute   

Practical cases for students during one month, from 17 February to 13 March.

imgThe M2 students from the French Fédération for plasma and fusion sciences (FedSPF) and the European master FUSION EP  will arrive Monday 17 Fébruary for a stay of several weeks supervised by Physicists of IRFM, the French research Federation and ITER. They will work in  CEA fusion laboratories for two weeks where they will discover a lower hybrid waveguide, infrared thermography, plasma facing component metrology and other activities which are part of researchers everyday life and might some day become theirs. Thanks to the important involvement of the IRFM staff, the students receive a high quality supervision which they enjoy a lot. The FedSPF students will spend two more weeks working on scaling laws and tokamak dimensioning, which will give them a chance to check that ITER can reach its goals!

This stay at IRFM is the last step of these students before their master thesis, then the beginning of their PhD or of their professional career.

2019  Masters Fusion Promotion



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