Plasma Physics & Fusion School launch in the MENA region   


The launch of the Plasma Physics & Fusion School in the MENA* region has began.


The CEA Operationnal & Regional Representation (RRO) and IRFM (Institut de Recherche sur la Fusion par confinement Magnétique) together with the Tunisian Ministry of Education, Scientific Research and Technology and the Science and Nuclear Technology National Centre proudly organize the 1st  Plasma Physics & Fusion School in the MENA region in February 2020, strengthening the cooperation between MENA academic and research Institutions and CEA.


Targeting the main players of the nuclear sector in Tunisia and the MENA region, the principal aspiration of this school is to kindle the interest on fusion and plasma physics research and to train new collaborators.


MENA*: stands for Middle East and North Africa, known in academic and traid writings. It covers a large region, from Morocco (North West of Africa) to Iran (South West of Asia). It usually gathers all the Middle East countries and North Africa.

CR160259, 2020-01-09