150 Fusion PhD at IRFM!   

On November the 8th, the 150 students attended the FuseNet PhD event organised by Iter Organisation came to visit the CEA Cadarache.

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150 PhD students in Fusion came from all over Europe but also from China, India, Russia, Mexico... to attend the FuseNet PhD event organised at ITER Headquarter from 7 to 9 November 2018. Presentations on ITER's progresses and stakes, as well as on the economic aspects of the Fusion and on the progress of the W7-X stellerator were on the agenda. The Students also had the opportunity to present their work through posters or short presentations with the "Pecha Kucha" method. An IRFM visit was organised on November 8th afternoon. PhD students made a tour of the CEA Cadarache Center by bus before coming to IRFM where they were welcomed by Alain Bécoulet who presented the Fusion research in France. The students visited the Institute and observed the operation of WEST in Control Command Room. The day ended with a reception at the Château de Cadarache

SG165549, 2018-11-09