First SIFFER Project launched   


Integrated simulation is of increasing importance in fusion energy research. It is needed not only for better understanding Fusion Science, and analyzing the existing experiments, but also to prepare future experiments as well as to design the future reactor.

The IMAS infrastructure (Integrated Modeling Analysis Suite) promoted by ITER Organization is a modeling framework for carrying out multi-machine multi-physics modeling, enabling access to data from multiple experiments, as well as facilitating the exchange and use of generic physics models and computational tools.

The objective of the present 3-year R&D SIFFER project is to join the French and Chinese competences and form a Sino-French IMAS Team to carry out simulations and analyses of experimental data from our fusion devices (EAST, HL-2A and WEST) and to prepare the experiments in ITER, CFETR (China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor), or HL-2M (under construction at Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu). The joint Team will be pioneering the use of IMAS for the scientific exploitation of tokamak experiments.

IH224033, 2018-08-09