The first Hot Helium Leak Test Workshop   

img imgThe first ITER Hot Helium Leak Test workshop was held on at ITER, from the 20th to 22nd of June 2018 on the initiative of ITER inner components Division.
The objectives were to
 - remind the importance of the leak detection tests on the components and the respect of ITER criteria’s according to the Vacuum Handbook
- present CEA feedback and expertise on this field,
- present the DAs design and manufacture progress status and the envisaged way of testing
- present the criteria’s modification, according the results gained on the first prototypes tests

On Thursday, the committee composed of 70 experts coming from Russia, China, Japan, Europe, and Korea has visited the IRFM test bed facilities. The programs included the visit of WEST, Titan, ROVE and the vacuum lab facilities.

VB172625, 2018-06-27