Physics Department (SPPF)
Service de Physique des Plasmas de Fusion

The Physics Department (SPPF, Service de Physique des Plasmas de Fusion) is responsible for development, operation and testing of diagnostics, plasma modeling including its interaction with the tokamak environment, studies of transport, confinement optimization and plasma stability.


These activities include:

  • preparation and implementation of plasma experiments and analysis of experimental results;
  • operation, maintenance, data validation and developments of associated diagnostics;
  • theory activities and associated modeling;
  • technical support of Information Technology infrastructure and software.

The Head of SPPF also has complementary responsibilities covering:

  • the coordination of the Scientific Programme;
  • the use and development of scientific computing platforms;
  • the coordination of training and education;
  • the operational interface with EUROfusion, FR-FCM (French Federation of Research on Magnetic Fusion), ANR (National Research Agency), PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region), and ERC (European Research Council).

SPPF is structured in 5 groups:

  • Divertor and Plasma Wall Interaction Group (Groupe Divertor et Interaction Plasma Paroi - GDIPP)
  • Computer Infrastructures  Group (Groupe Infrastructures Informatiques et Applicatifs - G2IA)
  • Integrated Modeling, Heating and Scenarios Group (Groupe Modelisation Intégrée, Chauffage et Scenarios - GMICS)
  • Plasma Physic Measurements Group (Groupe Mesures Physiques du Plasma - GMPP)
  • Theorie and core plasma Simulation Group (GroupeThéorie et Simulation du Plasma de coeur - GTS)

Last update : 01/16 2018 (630)