September 2016

TINT, Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology, represented by its Executive Director Nisamaneephong Pornthep and CEA / DRF represented by Maria Faury signed a collaboration agreement in the field of Magnetic Fusion Research.

August 2016

On July 26th, 2016, the Japanese Institute QST (Quantum & Radiological  Science and Technology) organized in Naka (Ibaraki) a ceremony in honour of “constant progress of French contribution to the JT-60SA project”.

July 2016

The five Power Supplies built in Spain under CEA responsibility have been delivered to Japan for the JT-60SA tokamak.

May 2016

The René Pellat prize, named after the great scientist who was once chairman for CNRS (French Scientific Research Council) and High Commissioner for CEA (French Agency for Atomic Energy), is awarded annually by the Plasma division of the French Physical Society.

March 2016


January 2016

This article published in Nature Physics 12, 14-17 (2016) by D. Mazon, C. Fenzi and R. Sabot, is related with the problem of sustaining and measuring temperature in fusion plasmas. This challenging task requires different heating systems and diagnostic tools.
The two stainless steel rings constituting the housing for the conductor winding are now assembled and positioned inside the vacuum vessel at their nominal position.  
The first of the 18 JT-60SA Toroïdal Field coil was delivered at CEA Saclay on December 17th 2015. There, it will be tested before to be shipped to Japan. This coil, manufactured by Alstom/General Electric at Belfort France under CEA responsibility, is the largest ever built.