July 2024

A study carried out by CEA-IRFM researchers has confirmed that electron heating, which is predominant in ITER and fusion power plants, will be sufficiently efficient to also heat the ions and sustain the fusion reactions.

May 2024

Equipped with superconducting coils and tungsten plasma-facing actively cooled components, the WEST tokamak has achieved a new plasma duration record of over 6 minutes, with a steady-state temperature of 50 million degrees Celsius (4 keV).

April 2024

Tungsten, with its refractory properties and resistance to atomic sputtering, is chosen as the reference material for plasma-facing components in magnetic confinement fusion devices such as tokamaks.

February 2024

In magnetic fusion devices, the components facing the plasma are subjected to energetic particle flows of ions or hydrogen (fuel) atoms and helium (the product of fusion reactions).

January 2024

One of the challenges in the development of fusion energy is the simultaneous achievement of high fusion power and its control over very long durations.