WEST - Tungsten (W) Environment in Steady-state Tokamak

At Cadarache (south of France), the Institute for Magnetic Fusion Research (CEA/DSM/IRFM) is modifying the Tore Supra plasma facility which, once transformed, will become a test platform open to all ITER partners : the WEST project (acronym derived from W Environment in Steady-state Tokamak, where W is the chemical symbol for tungsten). The goal is to equip the tokamak with an actively cooled tungsten divertor, benefitting from its unique long pulse capabilities, its high level of additional power and the unique experience of operation with actively cooled components. The divertor is a key component which faces the largest part of the heat and particle fluxes coming from the core plasma during experiments.

Since Tore Supra was a circular plasma device with a toroidal limiter, the upgrade firstly consists in inserting additional in-vacuum vessel magnetic coils to allow the production of divertor plasma shapes, just like those which ITER uses.

The WEST tungsten divertor elements will use the same design and manufacturers as the ITER ones.The series production and operation of the ITER tungsten components are the new challenges that the WEST  Project will address, in close collaboration with ITER Organization and all interested parties.


Last update : 03/20 2014 (1)

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