Brochure : "The WEST project" - September 2012

The brochure explains in a few pages the objectives of the WEST project, how it fills a gap in the tungsten R&D in Europe, the WEST scenarios, etc.

Brochure_WEST_Sept 2012.pdf




Press Review (in French) 

"Fusion thermonucléaire : Le projet WEST au CEA de Cadarache, banc d'essai pour ITER" 

A complete press review on the WEST project realised in September 2013 by the CEA.

 Dossier de Presse WEST.pdf


Report : "Conceptual design and preliminary studies of an actively cooled Tungsten Divertor in Tore Supra"

This document reports on the results of the conceptual design activities for the implementation of an actively cooled tungsten divertor in Tore Supra performed from March to October 2011 at the IRFM. They complement the first studies carried out in 2010 in the frame of the feasibility study.

 Report APS_Dec 2011.pdf



Main Articles :

"The WEST programme : Minimizing technology and operatioanl risks of a full actively cooled tungsten divertor on ITER" - Fusion Engineering and Design, Volume 88, Issues 6-8, October 2013, Pages 497–500 - André Grosman, Jérôme Bucalossi, Louis Doceul, Frédéric Escourbiac, Manfred Lipa, Mario Merola, Marc Missirlian, Richard A. Pitts, Franck Samaille, Emmanuelle Tsitrone


"Feasibility study of an actively cooled tungsten divertor in Tore Supra for ITER technology testing"- Fusion Engineering and DesignVolume 86, Issues 6–8October 2011Pages 684-688 - J. Bucalossi, A. Argouarch, V. Basiuk, O. Baulaigue, P. Bayetti, M. Bécoulet, B. Bertrand, S. Brémond, P. Cara, M. Chantant, Y. Corre, X. Courtois, L. Doceul, A. Ekedahl, F. Faisse, M. Firdaouss, J. Garcia, L. Gargiulo, C. Gil, C. Grisolia, et al.



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