The Measurements and Control Project

The “Measurements and Control” project deals with machine operation, plasma control and operation and physics analysis. For that purpose, this project is in charge of the integration of the whole set of diagnostics inside and outside the vacuum vessel; the data access and communication system in charge of the tokamak operation; the development of a new plasma control system featuring advanced functionalities such as event handling; the development of devoted wall monitoring system to address machine protection issues. In addition the “Measurements and Control” project addresses the phase of commissioning without plasma and with plasma up to X-point magnetic configuration with hundreds of kilowatt of additional heating.


About 50 diagnostics must be integrated in WEST; they have been split in 3 sub-projects:

  • Infrared thermography which consist in monitoring 100% of the lower divertor, all the heating antennas, the outboard limiter and the a part of the upper divertor,
  • Baseline diagnostics which consists of 4 diagnostics with major upgrade (Magnetics , interferopolarimetry, visible spectrometry, Langmuir probes) and already existing diagnostics without modification except displacement,
  • Non baseline diagnostics.

The management of the tokamak data for the whole set of diagnostics in terms of supervision, data acquisition and storage, synchronization, data exchange, is ensured through a single sub-project. The latter deals with the upgrade of the pulse supervision, acquisition units of diagnostics and IRFM networks (timing system, RT network, ethernet). This activity is performed in collaboration with the Institute of Plasma Research (IPR) in India.

The integrated commissioning phase of WEST without plasma requires a dedicated schedule and set of experiments in which all sub-systems must be coordinated. During first plasma a special plan must be developed. This phase requires the development of plasma scenarios especially for plasma breakdown, current ramp-up, ramp-down and X-point formation.


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The Measurements and Control Project
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