The Tokamak Platform Project

Tore Supra Configuration with a circular plasma (left) / WEST configuration with a "X-point" plasma (right)

The goal of the WEST Project (Tungsten (W) Environment (E) Steady-state (S) Tokamak (T)) is to transform Tore Supra into a test bench for ITER in order to minimize the risks involved in the operation of a divertor.

The magnetic configuration in X point will be obtained by installing poloidal field coils in the vacuum vessel. By equipping this vessel with an entirely metallic blanket, Tore Supra will gain the capacity to carry out tests on high flux components made of tungsten in conditions similar to those of ITER.


The implementation of the WEST Project will necessitate considerable modifications of the machine’s internal elements. A “welcoming structure” for the divertor will be installed to replace the “Toroidal Pumped Limiter” on which the plasma relies in the vacuum vessel of Tore Supra; the poloidal field coils will be added to obtain a magnetic configuration in X point, identical to that of ITER (the plasma will abandon its circular form in favour of a “D” shape). New diagnostics (instrumentation systems that record the massive number of measurements inside the vacuum vessel) will be installed in the WEST Project.


The 8 main work packages structuring the WEST Project include the following:

1. The divertor structure and the poloidal coils

2. Bumpers and vaccum vessel protection

3. Platform Plasma Facing Composants

4. ICRH (heating) system : the adaptation of the heating system necessary for the plasma (heat antennae through the injection of electro-magnetic waves)

5. The electrical power supply for the coils of the divertor

6. The modification of the cooling system

7. The modification of the fuelling and conditioning system

8. Assembly


Last update : 11/20 2013 (2)

Faits marquants
A crucial milestone was reached with the completion of the divertor coil windings in August 2016, after 6 months of hard work in a restricted space.
On Monday the 6th October, the WEST first component in the Tore Supra vacuum vessel was installed by Gabriele Fioni, Director of the CEA Physical Science Division and Osamu Motojima, Directeur Général of Iter Organization. The WEST project has entered a new stage: the start of ... More »
SWIP (SouthWestern Institute of Physics in Chendgu, Sichuan) selected the company NERCC (National Engineering Research Center of Converters) to provide the two WEST divertor coils power supplies.   The Kick off meeting was held in NERCC facilities, located in Zhuzhou (Hunan, ... More »