Nov 17, 2015
First components provided by WEST partner delivered at Cadarache

Cables for power supplies are the first WEST partner components delivered at Cadarache mid-October. SWIP (SouthWestern Institute of Physics in Chendgu, Sichuan), which joined the WEST project at the very beginning, provides the two power supplies for WEST divertor coils… and cables that connect these power supplies to divertor coils, and transformers to rectifiers.


Cables provided by SWIP in IRFM hall.

Cables have been manufactured in China by GOLD CUP ELECTRIC APPARATUS, and transported in container from Shanghai harbor to Cadarache.

The total cable length (about 2250 meters) is divided into four grinders (4 tons each). Height parallel copper cables of 630 mm2 each, allowed pulses of 13000A in divertor coil during one thousand second every hour. Cables will be installed at the beginning of 2016. The power supplies which are in factory final inspection in China will follow.


CEA WEST Power Supplies project team with SWIP Deputy Director visiting IRFM (October 2015)

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