Jun 05, 2014
The contract for the manufacture of the divertor coil power supplies for WEST launched officially

Project teams NERCC, SWIP & CEA in front of NERCC facilities - 9th of April 2014

SWIP (SouthWestern Institute of Physics in Chendgu, Sichuan)

selected the company NERCC

(National Engineering Research Center of Converters)

to provide the two WEST divertor coils power supplies.


The Kick off meeting was held in NERCC facilities,

located in Zhuzhou (Hunan, China), the 8th and 9th of April,

in presence of NERCC, SWIP and CEA project teams.


Power Supplies conceptual scheme

SWIP, as a WEST partner, provides the two power supplies for WEST divertor coils. These power supplies will be twelve pulses converters, rated ±300 V and +13 kA during 1000s every one hour (up to +20 kA during 10s every 20 minutes).

Following specifications established jointly in 2013, SWIP organized a call for tender between three Chinese companies in the beginning of 2014 and the contract was awarded to NERCC (National Engineering Research Center of Converters), a subsidiary of CSR (China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited).

The Kick-Off-Meeting was held in Zhuzhou (Province of Hunan, China), the cradle of Chinese electric locomotive, on the 8th and 9th of April, in presence of NERCC, SWIP and CEA project teams. During the encounter, the company was presented, including an impressive visit of the different assembly lines. Then, the technical specifications were reviewed and input data to start the activity were given. Discussions between the teams were fruitful and things got off to a good start.

The WEST power supplies are scheduled to be delivered in Cadarache in May 2015 to be operational in September 2015.


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